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Re: Turnstile antennas

You might want to take a look at crossed Moxon rectangles as 
well. I use a 2m version for ISS packet. It works quite well on 
the higher elevation passes but my vertical collinear works 
better when the ISS is below 20 degrees.


> If anyone out there is handy with antenna modeling software, I
> would be very interested in seeing a comparison between a
> conventional turnstile antenna (crossed dipoles, in the same
> plane, fed 90 degrees out of phase and mounted 1/4 or 3/8
> wavelength above a reflector) and the QHTenna (crossed dipoles,
> appear to be separated by the length of the phasing line, fed 90
> degrees out of phase, no reflector.  I assume that the feedpoint
> is at the lower of the 2 dipoles...)  Surely the separation of
> the dipole sets and the lack of a reflector change the pattern
> dramatically.............
> As I said before, I have only used a turnstile as the uplink
> antenna, and switched away from it because of size, antenna
> restrictions in my subdivision, and the loss of the RS birds.  If
> the QHTenna is sufficiently better than a conventional turnstile
> or Eggbeater (original or K5OE's Eggbeater II), then it might
> just do to get me on the birds from home without upsetting the
> neighbors.  I love my Gulf Alpha beams and computer-controlled
> rotors, but if I put those up here, I'll get slapped with a
> lawsuit so fast...  man, I hope all that lobbying in Washington
> finally gets Congress to address covenants, since the FCC won't.
> George, KA3HSW
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