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Re:space-track kep naming questions


The thing that counts is the catalog number.  The names are somewhat 
arbitrary.  Unfortunately, space-track chose different names from celestrak and this 
creates problems updating Keps from a file for some software, such as Winorbit, 
whereas other programs, such as Predict, match on catalog number and work 
just fine.  If you go to the Celestrak web site, T.S. Kelso has provided a 
download and post process utility that logs on with your space-track id, pulls down 
the keps, and formats them with names just like they were from Celestrak.

I don't know what 18361 is.  Maybe someone else can answer that.
N2POR writes: 
I've been working on switching over to using space-track and I ran
across some disagreements between celestrak and space-track.

If I match things on catalog numbers I get:

 celestrak_name | cat_num | spacetrack_name    
 AO-27          |   22825 | 'KITSAT B'         
 IO-26          |   22826 | 'POSAT 1'             
 KO-25          |   22828 | 'ITAMSAT'             
 POSAT          |   22829 | 'EYESAT A'            

The spacecraft names don't seem to match (according to the weekly
satellite report and/or amsat.org history page).
Since it looks like they were all launched at the same time is this just
a confusion about which one is which that never got fixed in one of the
places?  And which one should I trust?  I guess I have been trusting

There is also a set of keps called 'OSCAR 27' with a catalog number of
I was wondering what this was?
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