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satellite audio files

HI,,,,,,can we put some satellite audio files on the AMSAT 
    web site?
    it would be nice to have these for newbies, and elmers,
    and i think it would be very beneficial to have a few ARISS
    school contacts there for the next school to learn what it will
    be like for them.  a fine example is kk5do web site.  it also has
    a cool video of a hand launched pico-sat, under other audio files.
    there are a lot of EME sound files on the web.  it would be nice to
    have this, to pique further interest in all this star stuff.  i know these
    take a bunch of memory space, maybe we can throw a low cost
    disc drive on the ol' AMSAT LAN? so far the new web site is great,
    we need to keep going forward.   maybe we can have some others
    do some html, etc. and submit it to Emily /W0EEC ? 
          kk5do Bruce Paige's   http://www.amsatnet.com/
    thank you, and have a great orbit........
 Robert L. Coppock   kg6pib-7   cm97  #35488 
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