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56002 EVM and 38k4

Well, so much for that idea---here are some interesting results using a loop back test (TX radio port 1 and RX radio port 2)

If I set the 38k4 code to:

9k6 xmit/9k6 rcv, the loop back works fine
19k2 xmit/19k2 rcv, the loop back does NOT work at all
28k8 xmit/28k8 rcv, the loop back works almost works; I connect to myself, but nothing else
38k4 xmit/38k4 rcv, the loop back does NOT work at all

So much for generating wave files!

I'll have to look closer at the Sprint-2 to see if it will xmit 38k4...


Mark N8MH

>//Now that I have two confirmed/working TNCs (okay, one is a DSP ;) for 38k4, I think I will try to get my TAPR DSP56002 EVM unit outputting 38k4 data (presumeable it can, by just a quick edit in the code so it xmits 38k4 instead of 9k6).  So, essentially EVM 38k4 OUT --> Paccomm 38k4 IN is the test.  If I can get that working, then I can begin an attempt to record (and playback) some 38k4 packet audio files for Doug (and others that might be interested...), as well as experiment a bit with the PCR-1000 in my shack.
>Looks like a fun project for this weekend!!
>Mark N8MH

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]
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