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space-track kep naming questions

I've been working on switching over to using space-track and I ran
across some disagreements between celestrak and space-track.

If I match things on catalog numbers I get:

 celestrak_name | cat_num | spacetrack_name    
 AO-27          |   22825 | 'KITSAT B'         
 IO-26          |   22826 | 'POSAT 1'             
 KO-25          |   22828 | 'ITAMSAT'             
 POSAT          |   22829 | 'EYESAT A'            

The spacecraft names don't seem to match (according to the weekly
satellite report and/or amsat.org history page).
Since it looks like they were all launched at the same time is this just
a confusion about which one is which that never got fixed in one of the
places?  And which one should I trust?  I guess I have been trusting

There is also a set of keps called 'OSCAR 27' with a catalog number of
I was wondering what this was?

PS I hope I didn't do anything against the space-track.org user
agreement by posting this.
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