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Re: Re: More about QRM on AO-51 uplink

<well, I'd really need to re-read all formulae made at university time
<to calculate it, but ok, it shouldn't be noticeable if the signal is
<demodulated correctly.
<Anyway, to return on topic, I've never been able to work AO-51 with my
<while I worked one or more station in almost any pass I tried on UO-14
<SO-50, FO-20 and FO-29.
<On AO-51 I also tried with two different tone encoders (the internal
one of the
<TH-D7E and a self-made one with 8 bit/256 samples DDS generation), both
<flawlessy on SO-50 even with only 5W to a 4 element yagi.
<Francesco       IZ5DWF

I bet the problem has nothing to do with your system. With the 'capture
effect' of FM only the largest
signal gets demodulated so any interference signal that is larger then
yours will be the only thing
the receiver hears. One of the problems here is some people dont know
there is a Tone required so
they transmit continuously trying to get into the sat and block out
everyone else in the process.

Try to catch the satellite when it has the least chance of being used,
Such as low elevation over the ocean
or desert to test your system.


Keith N6ORS
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