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Re: DSP56002EVM code [Was: Re: 38k4 radios and modems ?]

Hi Freeman,

You can get most of the DSP56002 code here at N1DB Doug Braun's site:


However, I don't recall if the 38k4 code is there, or not!  I'll have to dig up the links when I get home.  I can also email the code to you :)  I have it running FB on my 56002EVM unit.  

The key to searching for the code is knowing what to search for--it is typically referred to as the "g38kruh" code.


Mark N8MH

> From: "Freeman P. Pascal IV" <pascal@pascal.org>
> Date: 2005/02/25 Fri AM 10:04:28 EST
> To: amsat-bb@amsat.org
> Subject: DSP46002EVM code [Was: Re: [amsat-bb] 38k4 radios and modems ?]
> Out of curiosity, could anyone point me to code for the DSP 56002EVM?
> I'm looking for any code that has proved reliable for ham use, 
> specifically the 38K4 modem.
> -Freeman, N5FPP
> Fernando Mederos wrote:
> >	Time ago I used a PCR-1000 hooked to a DSP56002EVM to receive UO-36's
> >38K4 downlink. Efficiency was not as good as with 9K6 downlinks but it
> >worked. The modem implementation for the EVM was very new (sort of
> >experimental) maybe a 38K4 TNC would work better now, or the modem
> >implementation could have been enhanced. Doppler correction was with
> >wispdde.
> >
> >	73,
> >Nando - CX6DD

Mark L. Hammond    [N8MH]
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