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Re: 38k4 radios and modems ?

 Hi All,

Yes I can confirm the PCR1000 with a DB6NT downconverter is working very
well listening to 38k4 data coming from the S band transmitter on SSETI
Express - at least across the cleanroom where testing is presently
underway!!! - Watching the packets fly across the screen makes 9k6 seem as
slow as 1k2 seemed when we had 9k6 for the first time......

Two caveats on using the PCR1000  tho - the quoted "wideband" bandwidth is
listed as 50kHz which is marginal for 38k4 data - although I dont know the
actual bandpass shape and suspect the edges are very "soft" - and I am not
sure how you would control the tuning for doppler but as it is a computer
controlled radio I assume it should be possible.

Our "guru" Howard G6LVB is presently undertaking further research into this
area so your results with AO51 will be very helpful in assisting us to make
sure we have everything as right as possible for the SSETI Express
groundstations - both the amateur and university ones.

By the way the SSETI Express launch date has slipped a little - now not
expected until late July......

If you wish to see a photo of the dual band U/S "groundstation" as it exists
at the moment click here!

 http://sseti.gte.tuwien.ac.at/WSW4/express5.php?pag=3  and then on pic 148

best 73

Graham G3VZV
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