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Re: 38k4 radios and modems ?

Mark L. Hammond wrote:

>Hi Bruce and Tim,
>The Paccomm and Kantronics TNCs require the same type of signal/data as the Symek TNC.  So, if you are using a commercial/common rig from Icom, Kenwood, or Yaesu, you'll have to do the IFD mod.  As far as I know, Symek is the only place that sells such an IFD board.  The great news is that they have an IFD board for just about every rig you might commonly use for satellite operations.  The sad news is a weak US dollar...

I though as much, I've been pouring of the service manuals and 
schematics of my TS711/811's to see how I could fit IFD's too them but  
and you think your dollar is week against the Euro ours is nearly 2:1  
So 180EU =  ~ $303AU !! and thats without shipping .

>The fellows helping with SSETI Express have said that the Icom PCR-1000 works at 38k4, without modification.  I've received a couple more emails from folks on this list that say they have done so as well.  I look forward to testing mine at that speed :)

I'd be interested in your experiences with the PCR-1000 since that could 
be a viable alternative to modifying 2 radios with Symtek boards.



VK2XTT :: IRLP6000 :: QF56if
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