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Re: 38k4 radios and modems ?

Hi Bruce and Tim,

The Paccomm and Kantronics TNCs require the same type of signal/data as the Symek TNC.  So, if you are using a commercial/common rig from Icom, Kenwood, or Yaesu, you'll have to do the IFD mod.  As far as I know, Symek is the only place that sells such an IFD board.  The great news is that they have an IFD board for just about every rig you might commonly use for satellite operations.  The sad news is a weak US dollar.....

The fellows helping with SSETI Express have said that the Icom PCR-1000 works at 38k4, without modification.  I've received a couple more emails from folks on this list that say they have done so as well.  I look forward to testing mine at that speed :)

However, I have not been able to test my PCR-1000 because of lack of a signal!  What I mean is that the window of operations at 38k4 have been short, and I have been testing other untested hardware too.  For example, last night was my first shot at trying both a recently modified radio (TS-2000X with the Symek IFD board) and a recently upgraded Paccomm Sprint-2 TNC (I had Paccomm upgrade the EPROMs and the board to make it 38k4 satellite ready).  So, I didn't get the PCR-1000 in line for any testing.  The great news is that the TS-2000X worked just dandy, and so did the TNC! 

I would also love to help Douglas KA2UPW with his request to record some satellite audio at 38k4, but again, the passes are too short, too few, and too far between.  But given our current lack of active satellites, I'm certainly not complaining about the great selection of modes/frequencies that the command stations have been providing.  It's been great fun!

So, right now I have 2 transceivers for 38k4 packet on the 435 band--a TS-790A with a Symek IFD board (and 1.2G module) and a TS-2000X with a Symek IFD board.  I also have the PCR-1000, which gives me 38k4 from DC to daylight ;)  I have 2 TNCs for 38k4--the Paccomm Sprint-2 and a TAPR DSP56002 EVM unit.  Guess I'm pretty well setup for it.

Maybe somebody will chime in about software defined radios-I really don't know if they are able to run packet at 38k4 or not.


Mark N8MH

At 06:22 PM 2/24/2005 -0500, snyder54 wrote:
>  I use both my FT847 & IC910 to D/L at 38k4 as they have the Symek IFD
>boards installed which gives me that capability. I also have a Symek TNC31S
>modem set for 96/38k4.
>  I believe ICOM's PCR1000 allows you to receive 38k4 without a IFD mod
>installed in your rig. I know N8MH has been doing some work in that area.
>  Both Paccom & KPC make a TNC that will decode 38k4 but I'am not sure if it
>requires a rig mod.
>  Maybe some BB members can provide some additional info.
>73 Bruce KG4YEV
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>> Hi all,
>> After googling around I cant seem to find much info on what radios are
>> 38k capable or mods for "normal" radios
>>  I found the Symek stuff  (quite expensive for downunder) but not much
>> else.
>> So... what are people using for 38k ?
>> thanks
>> Tim
>> -- 
>> Tim
>> VK2XTT :: IRLP6000 :: QF56i

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]
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