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Re: Turnstile antennas

I used a homebrewed turnstile (basically the same design as the one you are 
looking at, mounted 3/8 wavelength above a 4 foot square reflector) for the 
uplink on the RS birds for several years...  worked quite admirably.  Have 
not tried one for downlink on any of the current birds, but have heard from 
others that they are marginal without a preamp.  There was a recent article 
in QST about a commercially produced version with no reflector, called the 
QHTenna, but the web site for it is no longer up...  the article claimed 
better performance than Eggbeaters.  I am planning to try to build a set 
this spring, and a set of Eggbeater II's, and do a comparison.  Although I 
own a set of Gulf Alpha circularly polarized beams and the Yaesu G-5400 
az-el rotors, I currently live in an antenna-restricted subdivision and can 
only use them portable...  so I am looking for something unobtrusive and 
effective myself.

73 de KA3HSW

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> Just wondering how good are Crossed-dipole (Turnstile antennas)
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