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Re: Satellite Inquiry

Jim K6CCC wrote, about Emily's comment about manual full Doppler tuning:

Mind telling my how?  You can only guess (sort of close) as to how much 
of the doppler is on the uplink vs downlink.  Without knowing exactly 
one or the other, you can never achieve FDT.

Wayne replies:

If you use SatPC32 you can see the Doppler-corrected uplink frequency displayed on the computer screen, and manually tune the radio's uplink frequency to match the computer's display.  If you're really attentive you could keep the radio's uplink frequency very close to the computer's Doppler-corrected uplink frequency.  Of course that is rather difficult to do in practice because you also need to do other things such as tune the downlink, write down callsigns, and talk to people.  It's much easier to hook up a serial cable and let the software do the Doppler tuning for you (assuming your radio has a computer interface).

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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