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Fwd: [Moon-net] EME Path-Link Analysis for Owen Valley 40m Dish

I am posting this here, since there may be many who have non-eme mw
stations that will be capable of working the 40m dish at OVRO this coming
fall. ARRL MW-EME weekend has not been published, yet.

73's Ed

>I have analyzed the EME path-link for working the Owen's Valley Radio Obs.
>40m Dish and placed it on my website.
>I ran path analysis for:
>1) my 8-foot dish/50w and the 130-foot dish/10w
>2) a 3-foot dish/10w and the 130-foot dish/10w
>It appears that even small dish users will see a chance working the big
>dish but not with much margin over noise.
>Anyone with an 8-foot or larger dish will enjoy "large signals"!
>For Moon noise, I made the assumption that cold-sky was 5K, then integrated
>the apparent disc of the moon (190K) as percentage of main beam area.  I
>hope that is a good approximation.  I did discover that the OVRO dish
>efficiency = 42% vs. the 50% assumption.  This will lower their gain
>calculation by 0.8-dB.
>There is a link to my EME Path-Link spreadsheet which you are welcome to
>download.  Here is the webpage for the analysis:
>or go to:  http://www.qsl.net/al7eb/
>Please tell me what you think...especially any corrections needed!
>73's Ed - AL7EB
>http://mail2web.com/ .
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