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WashFest 2005 FO-29 demo

Hello All:

As part of an AMSAT presence at the 2005 WashFest in Castle Shannon PA
(South Hills of Pittsburgh), an attempt will be made to demonstrate
communication through FO-29 this coming Sunday morning, February 27, 2005.
I will be using an FT-817 and Arrow antenna but will also have the FT-817
computer controlled with SatPC32 running on a laptop.  Predictions for FO-29
at the location of the hamfest on Sunday are the following:

WinAos   QTH: -79.9/40.2   T#: 9919   
     Day     Object       AOS (U) LOS Period maxEl   AZ
 27.02.2005  FO-29        13:31 13:40    09   06  053 - 130
 27.02.2005  FO-29        15:14 15:29    15   68  016 - 189
 27.02.2005  FO-29        17:00 17:11    11   15  350 - 243

The second (10:14 EST) pass looks to be the most promising for me and the
third pass (12:00 noon EST) is a back up.  I would like to invite (beg)
someone to be available for a sked during the 1514 UTC (10:14 EST) pass
particularly.  Although I have everything set up and working, I am
uncomfortable using a half duplex radio on FO-29 so you will need to bear
with me.  It would be great if someone could join me on the air.  If you are
willing, please contact me directly to make arrangements.   Thanks again and

Kevin Smith
AMSAT #24705

Home (724) 258-4153
Cell (412) 953-4957
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