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ts2000 firmware NIGHTMARE!!

I have a Kenwood TS2000x that has been working just fine on the satellites.
After reading about the firmware update allowing tone in the satellite mode
I decided to download the file and instructions and install it.

Had I known all the problems I would have I never would have attempted the
I downloaded the upgrade file and carefully read the instructions, and then
proceeded to try the upgrade.
I received error after error after error.

Without having any idea what to do next and no trouble shooting tips
included in the firmware upgrade instructions I closed the firmware upgrade
program and shut down the computer.
Later I got on the Amsat bbs and noticed several emails suggesting to
reboot at one point during the install process.
This step seemed to help some with this upgrade so "why wasn't it included
in the instructions???"
I later decided to try firmware upgrade again doing the reboot suggestion.
Now I got a "can't find ts2000 error".
Step 5 in the install process says the transceiver recognition process
needs only to be done one time, yet with me and my later attempts to
upgrade the program could not find my ts2000x so this step seems to be in

At this point I decided that I would just return the upgrade switch(s1)
back to the "normal" position and use my ts2000x like I have in the past
until I could get more information about the problem.
I was then totally surprised to see now my ts2000x is totally dead!!!!

I then called Kenwood technical support to see if I could get any
information about this problem and how to fix it.
This Kenwood tech support guy is a TOTAL JOKE!!!!
All he would tell me is that "he did not have a problem with the upgrade",
and "if I can't FIGURE IT OUT that Kenwood would repair the radio but it
would cost me".
He then suggested I go to a users group on the Internet to see if anyone
there "figured it out??""
This is some poor excuse for tech support!!!!

I decided to send my TS2000x to Kenwood east for repair.
I got it back today and the total cost for repair, parts, and shipping both
ways came to $101.16 which doesn't include the $20 I paid to sent it to

The work sheet said they reset the processor?? Is that like rebooting a
computer??? If it is shouldn't I be able to do that without sending it back
to Kenwood repair??? If so how do you do it???

Also the work sheet said they upgraded the firmware, but I still can't turn
the tone on in the satellite mode so I guess after all this I STILL need
the upgrade.
How do you tell which firmware version you have???
I would like the newer firmware installed with the tone in the satellite
mode but it is not worth the cost to try this upgrade again!!!.

I just wanted to let everyone know what happened to me so others hopefully
will not have the same nightmare!!
I am also hoping that someone on the Amsat forum may have some ideas about
what went wrong and how to correct or avoid these problems later on.

I have purchased nothing but Kenwoods since 1978 and loved all of them.
But this incident with the TS2000x firmware upgrade has me disappointed and
upset that it cost me money because of incomplete instructions!!

Also it would be nice if tech support at Kenwood would really "support"
instead of sending you to a user group on the Internet!!
As you have seen in this email I have many questions that Kenwood tech
support just flat would not answer and I still want the answers!!!

If I get these answers I MAY try to upgrade the firmware again but right
now I will not.

By the way Kenwood east repaired the unit and had it back in the mail in
only a few days.
My hat is off to them for the fast repair job.

So far all seems to be OK except I did have to download my memory channels
from the mcp2000 program again but that only took a few minutes.

Perry WB8OTH   pyantis@earthlink.net
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