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Re: Satellite Inquiry

Hi Art (KC6UQH)

With all due respect, I feel I must stick my nose in here and 
give my 2 cents worth...
I must state that I am in 100% agreement with Domenico's point 
of view,  especially with regard to the following two 
statements from his email ....

> In other words the satellite should comply with the
> existing radio ham tecnology and not (that) the radio hams 
must be
> forced to commercially comply with the satellite tecnology
> because if the satellite fail than your very costly
> equipments are useless for years if not for ever.
although I see nothing wrong with promoting and encouraging 
the development of advanced technology..

> Actually if I like to communicate via satellite for more
> than 10 seconds I have to switch back to spark CW or SSB
> via the old OSCAR-7 or FO-29
Of course, looking at it in a slightly different light, CW is 
the basic form of digital communication !!

Be that as it may... pushing the technological envelope is 
fine for those that have the time, resources, money, interest 
and inclination. More power to them!!

But what or where is the problem with accommodating those of 
us, who use our U/V HT's with hand held antennae and using 
our HF rigs with outboard converters and/or transverters.

My city back yard (15 meters by 16 meters), surrounded by 
cable TV lines, power / telephone lines and old growth trees 
pushes my envelope enough, thank you ---  :-\  My horizon 
starts at +22 degrees !! And I'm not in the financial 
position of being able to relocate :-(

No insults intended to anybody :-)

73 de
Dave G,  KK7SS
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