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kp-2/440 mirage preamp

hi all, well i spent my arm and leg on the kp-2 pre-amp and now im wondering
why it is set on high when the factory sets it on low for you. hmm is it used
and then returned? no silicone seal also. has anyone any info on this device?
Also i see in the ads (this is why i bought it) its from 435.mhz to 450mhz.
The manual is saying 440 to 450!  Anyone know what it really is? Heres the
good news. I can hear ao-51 on the fm downlink. almost every pass. Now if i
can just start getting some data on the downlink, ill be happy. Looks today i
found that wisp places ur tnc into kiss for you, new to me. was doing it
before i opened it. i wonder if tlmecho will do the same. Anyone know this?
thank you, 73 New user kc8gkf
p.s. hate to bother everyone with all these questions but could someone make
us a easy set up for wisp. would be nice. thank you very much.
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