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R: Satellite Inquiry

Hi Art, KC6UQH

In my opinion a satellite should be built to comply with a well consolidated
radio tecnology for VHF/UHF/SHF and microwave amateur communications
because in this case the most part of amateur radio already have available
equipments in their hands and minor modifications are needed for satellite

In other words the satellite should comply with the existing radio ham
tecnology and not the radio hams must be forced to commercially comply
with the satellite tecnology because if the satellite fail than your very
costly equipments are useless for years if not for ever.

I liked to try new things on AO40 but build new equipments only to test it
on satellite and not for terrestrial communication was bad in my experience
because I have built a 10 watt 2400 MHz TX that was tested only one time
on AO40 for a S/K band experiment scheduled by command stations and
now this stuff becomes rusty on the roof.

Since I liked to try new things like you suggest I have built a 10450 MHz
receiving system also for AO40 but never it was tested on the bird because
the X band failed.

Actually if I like to communicate via satellite for more than 10 seconds
I have to switch back to spark CW or SSB via the old OSCAR-7 or FO-29

About the filters I have a commercial duplexer that I have already retuned
to 2400 MHz and 2450 MHz showing more than 110 dB of isolation,it weighs
about 2 kilograms and it can be used for my S in band ground station if such
a satellite with uplink and downlink in to the above frequency band will be
hopefully available in the future.

Good luck and 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> Domenico,
> There are several commercial filters that will provide the filtering
> necessary. They can be found a swap meets cheap and retuned. They are
> and easily built.
> The question is are we going to try new things? or do we go bacl to Spark
> transmitters and Coherrer Detectors.
> Art, KC6UQH
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