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Fw: [Sbms] 40m Dish Project at OVRO Progress

Please excuse this cross-post. I think that those with unused L band BUD setups from AO-40 may be interested in this announcement, and after all the moon IS Oscar-Zero.

73, Drew KO4MA

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From: Doug Millar <dougnhelen@moonlink.net>
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Subject: [Sbms] 40m Dish Project at OVRO Progress


         The San Bernardino Microwave Society and the Owens Valley Radio 
Observatory are working together to use their 40m dish near Bishop, Ca. for 
educational projects and for EME on 23cm and 10ghz. The project has been in 
development for about a year and has come to a point where we can make an 
official announcement.
         We are intending to be on the air for the fall and spring EME 
contests and at other times with educational projects. This will be an 
ongoing project between OVRO and SBMS.
         We will be running about 10 watts output and 70db gain at 10ghz 
and 100 watts output and 53db gain on 23cm. It is hoped that stations 
running a 3-4' dish and 20 watts will be workable on 10ghz on CW.
         At this point we are in need of the following donations or long 
term loans:
            A 10 watt amplifier for 10ghz and the 100 watt amplifier for 
23cm. Please let us know if you can help.
                 73 and Hope to work you via the moon,
                         Doug  Millar K6JEY
                        SBMS Project Director

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