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Journal Update


Just an update. I have finished the Jan/Feb issue of The AMSAT Journal and I
uploaded it to the printer late last night. Again, I'm very sorry for the
delay. Once it's in the hands of the printer it takes a few days to get
printed and mailed. You should have it in your hands soon. In this issue there
is an update article on Eagle and also a couple of articles on the planning
stages of AMSAT-DL's P3E HEO. Of course there are other articles of interest
as well including a great one by Gould Smith about satellite orbits and a
really interesting one about a trip to Alaska and the use of sats to stay in
contact with home (read it to find out more!).

If anyone has article submissions for the Journal I would love to have them.
Please let me know if you're working on something I can publish. Thanks to all
the authors that submitted content for this issue.

Thanks and 73,

Ed Long
Editor, The AMSAT Journal

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