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Re: Satellite Inquiry

Hi all!
Bill, a very interesting question ...  but I ask to know dimensions, max 
weight and power availability for this project.
Before choosing a mode, we need to know (not perfectly but very well 
defined) structural constraints for
antenna dimensions ...
A good ideas is to design an onboard transponder for wich a very simple 
groundstation should be use.
SSB is more efficient than FM, as channel bandwidth and power used; FM use 
is driven only by portable
equipments commercially available (commercial reasons only) not for 
technical reasons.
Many people enjoy today on experiencing QSO via "old" AO7 or AO10 
satellites; why not repeat this today?

73' de Paolo, IW3QBN
[AMSAT Italy]

owner-AMSAT-BB@amsat.org wrote on 02/21/2005 06:17:17 PM:

> Howdy from Bill K7MT AMSAT 33461.
> There is a possibility that amateur repeater can be placed on a 
> being built by Montana State University for launch in 2006. It is in
> research stage right now so we need to put together a proposol for the 
> at MSU to see if it will fit into their configuration.
> One question from Mike KE4AZN is which frequencies would be 
> Since we have three active FM birds V/U mode I am looking at proposing 
> FM or SSB   or  L/S  FM or SSB.
> I would like some input from the amateur community as to which mode they
> would like to see ???? If you get a chance from me an email and the team
> will look at ideas for this proposol.
> Looking forward to hearing from the amateur community.
> Cheers  Bill K7MT
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