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Re: Re:Satellite Inquiry

Hi Dave,

RS12/13 was my favorite bird until AO-40 came along. It was easy to work,
and it's linear transponder had plenty of room for everyone that wanted to
work it.. Nobody had to rush to exchange grids, no PL to worry about..

I especially liked when RS12/13 was in Mode T. I worked many guys who were
just operating on 15m SSB, and had no idea that they were uplinking into a
satellite! I blew a few minds when I told them that I was listening to them
via a 2 meter downlink and uplinking on 15..

Talk about an easysat! Don't forget about mode K. I never had a chance to
use it, but it would have been fun to try. 15M up, 10M down.

Every now and then on the list we discuss a bird that uses HF. Mode A seems
to come up frequently.  It'd sure be nice if we were able to utilize these
modes once again.


Kyle Yoksh
Olathe, Kansas
Amsat# 35249

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> If this is a LEO satellite, I would hate to see frequencies used
> higher than 70cm because of the severity of doppler shift.  I
> really miss RS12/13 with the downlink on ten meters.  But that's
> just the view from a low skill, low tech satellite user.
> Dave W8IJ
> Camp Hill, PA
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