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Foreign licensing (was Weather satellite reception or SO-50 in India)

I wish they were all as easy as the Cayman Islands...  literally walked out 
of the airport, turned right, walked about a hundred yards to their 
equivalent of the FCC, in a small building at the base of their radar tower, 
handed them my US license and $25 US, and walked out as ZF2GH in under 5 
minutes!  I really would have liked to get on the air from VU-land, 
though...  it's very much in demand!

73 de KA3HSW

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Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Weather satellite reception or SO-50 in India

>I am glad that some countries are worse of than VU!!
> Best regards
> Gopal VU2GMN
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> I applied for a VU license when I was going to be in India for 2 weeks in
> January of 1998...  my application ended up lost either in India's postal
> system, or their Ministry of Communications.  Anyway, never did receive 
> the
> ticket, but, fortunately, did not have to pay up front with the 
> application.
> (unlike the Dominican Republic, where I spent about $40 US to apply & send
> everything FedEx, 3 months before going there,  and finally heard from 
> them
> 3 months AFTER I returned home..............)
> 73 de KA3HSW
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