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Article from 1999 AMSAT Journal NEEDED

Farrell & All AMSAT -bb Members,
I am out of town and do not have any back Journals available.. With the time
line you have the only way the office could help you would be by FedEx, if
they even had the back issue. I am relatively confident that one of our
AMSAT members on the -bb might have one and could be of help. I am taking
the liberty of posting this e-mail, and your request, on the AMSAT-bb in the
hope that someone will speak up..
Sorry I can't help.
Gunther Meisse

-----Original Message-----
From: Farrell Winder [mailto:fwinder@fuse.net] 
Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2005 1:05 PM
To: Gunther Meisse
Subject: Request

Dear Gunther,
    I wish to ask for a favor regard getting a copy of an article that was
published  in the AMSAT Journal in 1999.  I called Martha  last week and she
will send me the article but I am not certain it will arrive in time.(  I
just can't locate  my copy)  The article was written by my son Jeffrey
Winder , KB8VCO and myself and described tracking of his van  from
Cincinnati  to Mexico  and return via APRS using AO-27.  Jeff would like to
have the article for a job interview on Feb 24 so a copy of the article
would be desired by Feb 23.   With the holiday on Monday I'm not certain the
regular mail would get here in time. Would it be possible,  if you have the
issue described,  that you or someone could scan and E-mail it to me?  If
so,  this would be greatly appreciated.
  Many Thanks, 73,
Farrell Winder, W8ZCF
6686 Hitching Post Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
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