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Re: Microwave Oven at 2450 Mhz

Good info,  I'm glad to not fear the water resonates at 2.4 GHz story, but
what is the resonate frequency of a hot dog?  I believe it is very near 2.4
GHz which I believe is not a coincidence.


 Re: [amsat-bb] Microwave Oven at 2450 Mhz

> Dave G. wrote:
> >I was in my local DIY store this afternoon, looking to upgrade
> >my very old microwave oven...
> >Looked inside a particular unit to see what power it was
> >running,
> >The label said "1.2kW at 2450 MHz"
> >What would that do to my prospects of working Echo, et. al. if
> >I bought it ????
> >
> >
> What frequency do you think the old oven operates at?  ;-)
> At that frequency the H2O molecules in water form attempt to rotate/move
> to align with the polarity of the changing fields in the nice Faraday
> cage they built there for you, and in so-doing, rub/bang against each
> other, creating friction that heats your food.  Other molecules in the
> food also do this, but not as rapidly as water.  Most food has plenty of
> water in it and rubbing all the molecules of water rapidly against each
> other is a pretty smart way to heat up your Hungry Man Dinner.
> There's a lot of bad information out there that states that water
> "resonates" at 2.4 GHz, but it's not really true.  The water molecule
> turns RF energy around that frequency directly to internal molecular
> motion, is all. Scientists say the motion is more like a "rotation" than
> motion, really... the shape of the H2O molecule allows it to "twist"
> along a couple of axes, to a point.  And I'm no scientist... so Your
> Mileage May Vary.
> The use of 2.45 GHz for most microwave ovens is just a side-effect of
> the frequencies available for "industrial" use at the time of the
> creation of the first ovens.  2.3 GHz or 2.6 GHz would work just as
> well, but the FCC would have been grumpy with the manufacturers.  From
> what I've read, anyway.
> For those with deathwishes, there's always the Unwise Microwave Oven
> Experiments web page:
> http://www.amasci.com/weird/microexp.html
> [There's a ton of these websites on the Net, this is just one I had
> bookmarked.]
> The TV show Mythbusters also did an entertaining little bit on microwave
> oven myths.  Their little segment on superheated water was
> entertaining... boom.
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