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I can' t remember who asked the question but yes you can receive9k6  data
off satellites aon 70cm with the TMD-700E,  although it is a bit limited.

Generally, I set the rx to the nominal downlink frequency and open the tnc
at 9k6. Then I use Pack-Com and try KISS ON for raw hex  or KISS OFF if you
are receiving packets 

Predict the orbit and point the yagi in azimuth and elevation to the point
of maximum elevation. This approximates to the TCA and will be the point at
which doppler will be nearest zero.

You will suddenly hear the squelch opening and closing then for about 1
minute you will be able to get data on the screen. (I haven't tried an

Experiment with PB and other such programs. 

As the tmd700e is set in 5kHz channels you can also then set 5kHz down and
point the yagi towards the end of the pass (similarly you can try 5khz up
and point the yagi there too). But often the satllite is weaker when it is
also 5kHz +/-

This is the method I have used for all 9k6 beacons on 70 cms. It works but
it is acknowldeged to be limited.

hope this helps

andy G0SFJ
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