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PRC-25 or PRC-77 Radios

Off topic.
I just found  twelve AN/PRC-25 or PRC-77 radios for our
radio club. Cover 30 to 54 MHz.  Or at least that
is what they look like to me.

We can find no nomenclature on them to tell
what they are and I dont know how to tell the
difference between a 25 or a 77. (they are not in-hand
yet so we havent opened them up. or looked up close.
 We see them from afar in the warehouse and are 
negotiating to try to get them.

Im hoping the "X" jack may allow direct operation 
at 9600 baud?  I hope there are no tubes in them.
I thought I remember them as all solid state... and the
77 was newer than the 25...

Anyone want to tell me about these please
PRIVATE replys. This is off topic on AMSAT-BB
but the only RF radio group I subscribe to.

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