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Microduplexer kit details

In a previous posting I mentioned that I recently built in kit form a
duplexer board suitable for installing in the boom of a handheld crossed
element yagi for LEO use. The kit is from http://www.hamantenna.com and has
a page at http://www.hamantenna.com/html/md.html

These are surface-mount components, and I found them challenging to work
with. On one occasion, a cold solder joint caused an inductor to break free
of the board as I was stuffing it in the boom. It took 1/2h to find the
critter in our hardwood floors! In any case, it works properly now, and I
thought that others considering building their own 145/435 handheld might
appreciate knowing about this.

73, VE9QRP

Bruce Robertson, 
Dept. of Classics, Mount Allison University
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