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RE: Re: DirectTV Dish and 1.2 Patch


You might take a look at the small loop yagi for 1.3 GHz.  They are easy to
use and not very big.  Look at:
The 2314LRM is 15-dBi with rear mounting and 3-foot boom.  That is the same
gain as theoretically you would get with an 18-inch DSS dish.  In fact the
dish is too small to perform as a parabolic reflector at that wavelength
with any efficiency.

I have a 2345LY 12-foot loop yagi that I used with 9w on AO-40 so can
recommend them well.
Many microwavers use loop yagis up to 3.4 GHz, especially as portable
antennas for roving.

73's Ed - AL7EB
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