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SSETI Express webcam

Hi All,

If you are interested in seeing the SSETI Express satellite under
construction, pictures are available from the recently enhanced webcam
located in the cleanroom.

Go to http://sseti.gte.tuwien.ac.at and click on "missions" then "express"
then "webcam". Remember that, if no work is take place in the evenings - it
often is - the lights are normally switched off at about 20:00 UTC and only
a very dim picture can then be seen!

It is normally updated every five minutes and shows the flight model
satellite to the right of the picture. The satellite is usually protected
behind perspex sheets which can show some reflections of the workbench which
is underneath the webcam itself.

Currently you can see that a number of the experimental modules are still
till be integrated but depending on the "rotation" of the spacecraft you may
be able to see the propulsion control system which is already in place. The
70cms canted whip and one of the three 2.4GHz patches can be seen on the
"top" plate and presently one of the TPOD launchers is also clearly visible.

The actual launch date has still not been finally confirmed but is presently
listed as "mid summer".

Recent work by the AMSAT-UK team, on the S band transmitter, has included
changing the data rate to the built in TNC7 needed by a change in the
configuration of the OBC to increase the effective downlink speed and
evaluation of the results of the first thermal vacuum tests.


Graham G3VZV
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