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Re: How to redistribute Keps (was:PDA Software

> Alain,
> Your post just goes to prove that if you give someone free, unfettered
> access to something for a long enough time, they will eventually feel
> entitled to that service. As a non-US citizen (read: freeloader), I don't
> think you have any standing in this matter (read: you have no right
> whatsoever to make any complaint at all!). If you don't like the new
> policy, I'm sorry (read: I'm patronizing you) but that's just tough! Why
> don't you get your Keps from Italy SPACECOM (read: now that's a laugh!).

> If this reply seems harsh, it's just that it makes my blood boil when I
> read an (old) European scoffing at US Security concerns (even if they are
> probably mindless). Just an irrational bias, I guess?


you probably missunderstood.
I'm not complaining for me but just for my users. The vast majority of them 
are from the United States of America.
I dont even use the service that I offer for free... I dont think I deserve 
being called a freeloader.

I receive greetings letters from your country on regular basis. Someone even 
offered to send a letter to their congressman in order to let me have a 
permit to redistribute.
Me a freeloader? Do me a favour: think twice and cool your blood down before 
writing harsh replies.

As I learned from this thread, this law has nothing to do with security.
This law is simply trying to fund the production of keplerian elements because 
apparently you cannot afford it anymore. (Are you laughing now?)

What if the US will one day stop or more likely release keps just for big 
The European Union should do what it is doing with Galileo vs GPS.
Critical parts of nowdays technology cant be handled by only one country in 
the world.

> Ciao!

iz6byy ww3ww
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