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TS-711 and TS-811 control and QFH antenna ?

Hi all,

Please be gentle, I'm a newbee :)

After being off air for nearly 15 years some friends ignited my HR passion and 
now having been back on air for the last year I would like to try my hand at 
working some sats so I've unpacked my trustly old kenwoods and they still work 
nicely. So now I'd like to start by working some LEO's. Hopefuly I'll have an 
array of some sort by the time Eagle flys :)

Target Sat - AO-51

Rig question...

I've googled around and there seems to be some very nice programs for tracking 
sats and rig control, my question is to those who currently use 711/811's ( 
does any one still use these ?) - what is the best/favorite program to control 
these rigs ?

Antenna question...

It will be a while before I'm in a position to swing a beam (gota get the DA 
through council approval for tower) so I've googled around some more and fell 
in love with the QHA's. My question is given that the fundamental designs I've 
found are for RHP should I build a second set for LHP or/and is the modern sat 
a fairly constant polarisation  ?

All help appreciated



VK2XTT :: IRLP6000 :: QF56if

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