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AO-51 L/S Mode

Howdy from Bill K7MT.

I had more fun than should be allowed on L/S mode with AO-51 today gang !!!!

Thanks VE3PNY for a wonderful qso as you and I were the only one on the
first (middle of U.S.A). Clair and I chatted for almost 10 minutes !!!

Second pass I chatted with AA6RR Mike in Spokane and his signal was so clear
I heard his phone ringing in the background !!!

Alan, WA6DNR, and I finished up the pass with a little more difficulty but
made the contact just fine after some fine tuning.

If anyone saw me adjusting dopper up for xmit, down for receive, elevating
and then rotating manually and trying to talk in between would surely wonder
about me !!!!!!!!!!

Satellites are difficult for me to explain to other folks who have never
worked them before and tell them you must experience this part of the hobby
to see the enjoyment and fun that I am having.

Cheers All from Montana  K7MT AMSAT 33461
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