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Re: IC-910, AFC and Doppler

On Feb 16, 2005, at 7:12 AM, Howard Long wrote:

> IC-910 owners:
> When considering an S band downlink, with the IC-910 can you correct 
> for
> Doppler in software at the same time as using the AFC to correct for
> downconverter LO and spacecraft exciter frequency drift?
> I guess I'm asking if the AFC can pull the VFO while updates are 
> written to
> it from the CIV interface.
> Another related question - how far will the AFC pull? If it was a 
> totally
> closed loop using only the AFC without open loop software controlled 
> Doppler
> correction, will the AFC pull from +35 to -35kHz?

I have used the AFC on the FM Sats to control the radio for complete 
passes.  As long as there is an RF signal present it will follow along 
quite nicely.

When using software to control radio with the AFC on they will fight 
each other.

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