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RE: FO-29

> hi Tony,  thank you. hope the weather and flying are great in 
> .au (you in australia ? we need HEOs !)    
> hi Justin,  i caught another RECV only pass of FO-29 this 
> a/m.  i did hear the CWbeacon and 1 qso and 1 cq 
> caller.....logged on dxworld.   from what little experience i 
> have, i would say using the 100 Hz tuning step seems to work 
> well for finding signals, then fine tune from there. (my f6a 

I used to use an old Standard C58 with a 432-436 MHz transverter to receive
FO-29, and it didn't take much to hear either the beacon or the downlink.
Counldn't TX back, because I would have needed the same radio on a different
frequency at the same time. :-(  100 Hz steps is good enough for rough and
ready work. :-)

> wont go to 10 Hz as the ft897 does). i hope you have or will 
> make some contacts on FO-29 soon. i need to get back on the 
> LEOs, but am working on the thd7a lately.   

It will be a long while, as I got kind of sidetracked by VoIP around 4 years
ago, and have spent a lot of time on that aspect of the hobby. :)

> thank you to all who checked in on this. all the HEO and L/S 
> band and 9k6/38k4 gear really kicks up my interest in 

I don't know.  The current crop of "high speed" (note the ""'s) packet
doesn't do a lot for me - it seems a lot of effort and expense for little
return, especially here in a major city, where I can throw packets down a
piece of wire at much greater speeds with ease.  The tipping point for me
with data is when it can support voice communications with ease, or better
still, simultaneous voice and data.  Get that up on a bird, and I'll be
there!  Oh, and I'll probably link it to my VoIP systems, so you can work a
camel mobile station in the middle of the Simpson Desert from anywhere...

> learning this. i think satellites are about to come of age, 
> like VLSI chips and WWW. it is a lot of fun to be at the 
> beginning part of outer space. everyone have fun+take 
> care,,,,, robert kg6pib-7 cm97 amsat# 35488

I think we are getting to the time where we'll want to shift away from
antequated analog SSB and separate data services to something more
integrated and also Doppler tolerant.  Let technology sort out the
dogpiles... :-)

I guess being here on a rather large and sparsely populated piece of land,
I'm open to hybrid systems with practical communications value.  Might be
one way to make a bunch of LEO cubesats very valuable and practical.

Anyway, just thinking out loud and a little outside the square.
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