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Re: How to redistribute Keps (was:PDA Software

> Alain,
> As I read the Space Track user agreement, NO redistribution of the TLE's
> they provide is allowed without express permission, thus you would have
> to find an alternate source.

In facts, I am not talking about redistributing their keps. I am talking about 
distributing modified stuff. I mean different from the originals.
The question (still unanswered) is: is it possible to distribute modified 

> I think a letter of intent from you to the governing agency could result
> in permission to continue your very useful work provided you were not
> publishing any keps for US military sats.

There have always been classified satellites. Keps for those sats have never 
been published by the NORAD (or US SPACECOM). Why the need for this change?

Getting a permit to redistribute is difficult, requires lots of times and 
efforts. Since I have a job and I am not a US citizen, I wont even try.

> Re: the purpose of this law, I can only speculate that it is a US
> Government reaction to the 9/11/2001 attacks on the U.S. I suppose they
> don't want terrorists taking out their military sats.

I see you point.
Now terrorists interested in keps have to click "YES" after reading a useless 
agreement before they can download.
At the same time, automatic distribution of keplerian elements for honest 
amateur radio operators and scientists worldwide is not possible anymore.

> You may want to see if other space agencies or corporations publish
> TLE's for their space hardware.

You may want to see if any other space agency has got tracking hardware placed 
all aroung the globe.

I'm sorry but I think that this law doesnt make the USA a safer place.
I think that this law is just ridiculous.


Alain De Carolis
iz6byy ww3ww
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