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Re: object number 27844 and 27848 (CUTE-1, IX-IV)

Many thanks for this addition although I do not know who to thank!
At the end of March there should be an additional 12 amateur CUBESAT
objects in orbit.  Would it be wise to prepare for this event?  If
these objects make orbit there certainly will be a last minute cry
for Kep information!    Cliff K7RR

Space Track Admin wrote:
> Cliff Buttschardt wrote:
> >These two Japanese amateur radio satellites used to be available on the
> >Educational/Scientific sort as CUTE-1, 27844 and XI-IV, 27848
> >Apparently they have been left off the Space-Track site or appear under
> >a different object number.  Sort by obj # were rejected.  Can you help?
> >CliffButtschardt    k7rr@arrl.net
> >
> >
> Cliff,
> I've added 27844 and 27848 to the amateur file.  Expect to see them in
> the evening update.
> Thanks
> Space-Track
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