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As a point of reference for future designs, how much power did the 
trakbox consume?  Was it designed to be battery operated?
Also, how much did it cost?

I have an idea that could quickly produce a working unit but would cost 
about $70-90 and would need about 5W.
Is this in the right ballpark?  I'm sure that one could best these 
figures with a higher-end microcontroller but the programming for the
SGP4 algorithm is not trivial.

David Carr

Eric Rosenberg wrote:

> I'm not sure whether he'll like this or not, but the original designer 
> of the Trakbox, Bruce Lockhart, SM0TER, is still around, if inactive.
> In a recent email, Bruce said "I'm half retired in the South of France 
> enjoying good food and wine and working now and again."
> He can be reached at bruce.lockhart@telia.com  -- I'm sure he'll 
> respond to your questions.
> Eric W3DQ
> Washington, DC
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