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Re: AO-51 V/S mode 8 turns helix

On Feb 12, 2005, at 10:15 PM, yutaka.murata@nifty.ne.jp wrote:

> Hi
> My callsign is JA1COU and I am using AO-51 from 50km north of Tokyo.
> I have made 8 turns helix for S mode antenna. It works fine with
> Drake 2880.
> I have contacted 2 JA stations JA0BBW/JA6PL with this antenna.
> The QSB is bigger than U mode and a lot of QRM from Chinese station.
> I put pictures on
> http://jn1bpm.cool.ne.jp/mukidoan/joyful.cgi
> It is Japanese BBS but you can see the pictures of my antenna.

The polarization of your antenna is opposite from what Mark chose,
which may be the difference.

What is the polarization/type of the AO-51 S-band downlink antenna?

Mike W4LNA
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