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Re: How to redistribute Keps (was:PDA Software

Alain De Carolis wrote:
 >>>I am the one who runs www.alain.it/keps
 >>>Does anyone know if I have any legal way to keep legally running the 

>>Maybe a great thing you could do for palm users is to create an application
>>where people could paste in the TLE's they get from Space Track, submit it
>>and get back a pdb file. If this sounds like a good idea, let me know if I
>>can help with the application.
> That would work, provided the user has a space-track account.
> I want to redistribute without the need of the users to registrate on 
> space-track. Is that legally possible?
> Would it be possible to distribute altered keplerian elements?
> By the way, does anybody know the real puprose of this law? What's the point 
> about it? I cant understand.

As I read the Space Track user agreement, NO redistribution of the TLE's 
they provide is allowed without express permission, thus you would have 
to find an alternate source.

I think a letter of intent from you to the governing agency could result 
in permission to continue your very useful work provided you were not 
publishing any keps for US military sats.

Re: the purpose of this law, I can only speculate that it is a US 
Government reaction to the 9/11/2001 attacks on the U.S. I suppose they 
don't want terrorists taking out their military sats.

You may want to see if other space agencies or corporations publish 
TLE's for their space hardware.

For what it's worth my login to Space Track came back within 1/2 hour of 
my application to them.

Good luck and let me know if I can help.
John Meeks
AMSAT 35358
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