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re:QRM 2m, question for sat builders

KO4MA brought up a good point regarding advantages of Mode B over Mode J sats.
I remember when SO-35 was unusable in parts of some passes in Mode J due to
"Mexican Taxicab Drivers" dominating the two meter uplink frequency.  (I 
don't know where the interference came from, just that these guys spoke 
and were obviously working simplex.)  When SO-35 was reversed to mode B, 
there was no problem with the interference (except the "Mexican Taxicab Drivers" 
probably got some interference from the downlink).

Two meter downlinks are easier to hear.  I too would like to see more two 
meter downlinks and 70cm uplinks.  The main problems I see are 1) this mode 
requires more doppler adjustment for the uplink - maybe a problem for newcomers and 
2) 70cm transmit priviliges may not be as widespread as two meter transmit 

Dave W8IJ
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