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Re: How to redistribute Keps (was:PDA Software

> > Palm ready Keps are available (at least until 1 April) at
> > http://www.alain.it/keps/

> I am the one who runs www.alain.it/keps
> Does anyone know if I have any legal way to keep legally running the site?
> Is it possible to redistribute the keps after altering them in some way that 
> would not affect too much the predictions?
> Alain De Carolis
> iz6byy ww3ww


Dr. Kelso seems to be on the right (Celes) track ;). He has a javascript form
for the user to enter their Space Track login, formats that data, and the rest
of the query for the data the user clicked on, into a URL request to Space-Track
and The data is returned to the Celestrac page. It looks like he is working on a
way to massage the headers to conform to the way people are used to seeing the
data. See it at http://celestrak.com/SpaceTrack/

Maybe a great thing you could do for palm users is to create an application
where people could paste in the TLE's they get from Space Track, submit it and
get back a pdb file. If this sounds like a good idea, let me know if I can help
with the application.

John Meeks

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