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Re: How to redistribute Keps (was:PDA Software Question)

> André,
> I use PocketSat+ v1.8c http://www.bigfattail.com on my Clie (OS5) with an
> HT and Arrow. It has all the features you mention except doppler and range.
> Palm ready Keps are available (at least until 1 April) at
> http://www.alain.it/keps/


I am the one who runs www.alain.it/keps
Does anyone know if I have any legal way to keep legally running the site?

Is it possible to redistribute the keps after altering them in some way that 
would not affect too much the predictions?

I know this idea looks stupid but the new US regulations about keplerian 
elements look the same...

Thanks for your help

Alain De Carolis
iz6byy ww3ww
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