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re: FO-29

Robert Coppock <robertinorbit@cm97> has sent you the following web link:


hi Justin,,,,i did hear FO-29 this morning with my thf6a and arrow2.   i heard k6mt Bill in montana, and w6fog/mm Neil in SF bay (his satellite primers on 442.750 two years ago pushed me from just scanning to hamming and satellites, thank you Neil !)   

i listened from 435.866 to 435.856 with the doppler shift.   now, i am wondering if there is anyone talking on this bird while it is in your foorprint ???  i did look at the specs on that ft897, it looks fantastic.   i did log the contacts (RECV only) on 

  (i type this to see if the link works this time...)
i wish i had SSB gear.  i want a yaesu 736r, but it would be a waste without great antennas. 

sorry about the ramble last night, too much caffeine, up too late......k6yk/ John is one of the nicest guys i have ever talked to, i did not mean to insult him or anyone, it was all meant as a hihi.   

keep up the fine business. 
have fun and take care,,,,robert  kg6pib cm97 amsat# 35488  arrl / mdarc
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