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Re: FO-29

Robert Coppock <robertinorbit@cm97> has sent you the following web link:


whoops....my first contact on ham, via ao27, John Lee /k6yk has made an error.   first one i have seen him do, hihi.  (his qsl card has every acronym except: worked everyone on every freq. - mobile!)  the antenna in ? is an ARROW.  no pre-amp mentioned.  i have only worked FM birds, my thf6a will not XMIT SSB.   it will however RECV SSB up to the 70cm band.   i have listened to fo29 / jas-2 and will say the TUNING on SSB is much finer than with FM, maybe i am being too simple sorry( i am new, only 2 years ham).  you need to tune with much smaller step size .... mine will tune 100 Hz steps on LSB/USB instead of the lowest of 5M Hz on FM.  also......1- what i have heard ( the calif sat. hams) are around 435.850 middle of the band. 2- can you hear your own downlink, or is that radio full duplex like an icom w32a ??  the next pass is 14th 1023 pst = 1823z.  maybe you can ask for a contact sked on www.dxworld.com/satlog.html ???  hope all this helps.   i have a kenwood thf6a and arrow2  2m/70cm antenna.   i just got my thd7a going, hit ISS once, and have had a bit of bad luck since.  thank you to all who support amsat/satellites and for all the kind help learning this fun stuff.   73, peace,  robert kg6pib-7.   cm97  amsat# 35488
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