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Portable S band downconverter?

Satcommers ~

The current V/S mode of AO-51 has got me thinking of the possibilities.

Can anyone point me to a source for a schematic or construction plans 
for a low power (battery supply) S band downconverter for portable ops?
A 70 cm IF is preferred to minimize desense from the uplink.

My plan is to mount a 2.4 GHz waveguide to an arrow antenna into an HT 
for a truly portable S band downlink, but all the downconverters I have 
seen require a DC insertion to the coax. What I need is a self contained 
circuit that can be powered by a small battery pack or a 9v battery.

I have found a lot of great stuff from the 802.11 folks but of course 
they don't have a need to downconvert the signal.

Any clues appreciated.

John Meeks
AMSAT 35658
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