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Re: QRM on 145.920

David, Ib, 
I can confirm Sion's report on the QRM on mode V/S uplink.  I find I can not get into the satellite reliably (sometimes can, sometimes cannot) until it is a little south of Indonesia, practically over Australia... and I am using 100 W into a ground plane antenna!  Some of the other VK stations have more experience with this mode than I do, but they are all far south of me in VK3, VK5, and VK6, and don't hear it as strongly as I do (for over half the pass here in the "top end").  A question I have is:  if the phone interference is more or less constant (it is), will a tone on the uplink help once one of us legal operaters opens the squelch on AO-51's receiver?  I envision that once Sion or I make that first call, the receiver will see constant uplink input unless the tone is required to be present all the time and not just to trigger the satellite.
Jerry, VK8OE
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