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Re: FO-29

You didn't mention anything about  ANTENNAS  and PREAMP.   
Please  tell us what you have. 

John  K6YK

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 08:21:59 -0900 Justin Burket <zorton@jtan.com>
> Hello,
> Been away from the birds as of late but I would like to get back on. 
> Previously i've been on AO-51 with a couple of brief contacts on 
> SO-50. 
>   I've managed to con my way into owning a FT897 so I now have the 
> capability of getting on the SSB birds.  The trouble is hearing 
> them!  
> The last few times i've tried to hear FO-29 I haven't been able to 
> copy 
> the beacon or anything.
> Is there a page that goes over getting on FO-29?  How about a primer 
> on 
> inverting transponder type birds?
> I'm using my FT897 and an arrow with power levels only at about 10 
> watts max.  Should I be able to work FO-29 with this gear?
> Thanks, and 73,
> Justin KL1RL
> Fairbanks AK
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