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Re: RE: Re: QRM on 145.920

Thanks Oscar....

An excellent report which shows much energy and thought put into this
subject. It would be great if we could do something like this specifically
for the Ham Bands, but you are correct about reinventing the wheel.....

I appreciate the link!


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Subject: [amsat-bb] RE: Re: QRM on 145.920

> >is this plot
> > available?
> Yes - For example see here:
> www.smallsat.org/proceedings/12/ssc98/2/sscii5.pdf
> > Could another survey be done with cubesats for both V and U? Maybe a
> > band spectrum analyzer for each satellite band?
> It has been done on a spectrum 140-152 on some previous Surrey satellites.
> (see the article above)
> Maybe there is no need to reinvent the wheel.... :-)
> Most of that stuff was not intended for the ham bands bt for commercial
> purposes, such as the "little leo" VHF uplink band (in the 148-149 MHz
> range),
> but since some of the sats did appearently include the ham bands in their
> survey it should be interesting for hams, too.
> 73 de Oscar, dj0my
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