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Re: QRM on 145.920

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I have  the same feeling about using PL tone on mode V/S - but
that is because the  uplink frequency is 145.920 MHz.
During the passes in QRP mode with uplink  frequency on
145.880 MHz and no PL tone the QRM was much lower here in  Europe.
It would be interesting to use mode-V/S with the uplink
on  145.880 MHz and no PL tone to make it possible for us to
evaluate that  uplink more. We can do the same comparison with
the normal QRP mode.
I  just listened to a pass with AOS at 1807 UTC here in Copenhagen
and the QRM  was tremendous. The pass was to the east of me, where the
QRM is the  worst.
73 OZ1MY

Hello Ib.
Unfortunately I don't think the QRM problem on 145.920 is isolated to  some 
parts of Europe.
When I was in Rodrigues as 3B9C a year ago, I had to be very careful with  my 
choice of uplink to FO-29. As it passed over Asia.....and hence most of the  
footprint for Australia as well, I recall half the passband was full of QRM 
but  the other half was QRM free.
I know Jerry, ex K5OE, was looking for a mode V/S contact from Darwin a  
couple of weeks ago. Perhaps we could get a few reports in from that part of the  
We could have a situation here where the only areas not suffering QRM on  
145.920 are North America and the Southern part of Africa.
FWIW  University of Surrey did some whole orbit data collection a few  years 
ago showing 'interference' levels around 145.825. They produced a  world map 
colour coded for interference. It wasn't pleasent viewing.
Hope to add you to my clubs '51 on 51' log soon.
David   G0MRF
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